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The Vintage Austin

  You buy a car, but you invest in an AUSTIN...You buy a car but you invest in an AUSTIN... You buy a car but you invest in an AUSTIN

 Further 12/4 photos and stories here


The Story 1927 Clifton tourer. This car has been sold to England. A small story about this car is here

Pic taken in 1996.. this 12/4 was a special order for the Archbishop of Canterbury (NZ)

Currently owned by the Bain family of Arrowtown

Taken at Havelock North AGM. who is it with this Clifton tourer?

This nice Clifton was owned for many years by the Packer family from Auckland The history of the car will be put up soon

pic taken at Taupo

The very original Jeffries's 12/4 Clifton
The Monroe 12/4 Burnham


The Sims's 1927 12/4 Windsor 1997 The Sim's car again taken 2006
12/4 Burnham from Fielding owned by Neil Hickmott
Whos is the 12/4 Clifton? Pic taken Palmerston North 1992
This 12/4 was in a museum in Tauranga. The owner, the late Bill Davies told me the it was a Sedan tourer? Said he bought it out from England and that it was completely original .It certainly had the spare carried as per a sedan. maybe someone may know a bit more about it
1925 Clifton ex Joe Marsden. very original
Open Road 12/4 Roger Packer.. England
This 12/4 was on a Northland rally. It was its first day on the road for over 30 years. Owners Linda & Barry Clancey


12/4 Harley Allweather Coupe from Hamilton( June 1923)
Terry Davis from London sent these two photos of his much loved and used 12/4 Harley Allweather Coupe ( January 1923)
Are these the only 2 left in the World? and isnt it great to have them photographed side by side although they are on opposite sides of the world
2008 Laurence Parker has sent in this photo of his 1924 Harley Coupe so we know there are 3. Any more?
1924 Four owner Clifton For sale in New Zealand
Another nice shot ...Rangitoto in the background
Good shot of dash
Nicely kept engine bay

David Chaundy of Birmingham has contacted me with the Information that he has bought this car ( Aunty Betty )

It is now registered BF4146.David's father worked all his life in the Austin factory, so we know the car is in good hands.The 2 Shots were taken at its birthplace... Longbridge

Val & Tom Stapeldon's 1931 Heavy 12/4 " Princess" decked out in all her finery


1924 Windsor Monty Webster collection

Chassis 2tc1854 Engine 7887

1926 Clifton Monty Webster collection

Chassis 3tt1332S Engine 19878

1930 Pickup Monty Webster collection

Chassis 66790 Engine 29061L

1923 Drophead Coupe Monty Webster collection

Chassis 2TS332 Engine 2366

1929 Commercial Van Monty Webster collection

Chaasis 58493 Engine 524706

1930 Burnham Monty Webster collection

Chassis 62282 Engine 63022L

1923 Clifton touer Monty Webster collection

Chassis 2TT1847 Engine 2889

1927 Clifton awaiting the touch of a master? Adrian Brown of Gawler near Adelaide has had this Holden bodied 12/4 Tourer for over 20 years and is now set to start restoration, he needs some advice on the mechanical side of the car. Anyone in Adelaide able to help him? contact me
Robert James, member VAR UK with his 1927 NZ 12/4 Windsor Saloon the occasion was the 2006 100 Year rally which went the length of NZ


These two lovely photos are Geoff & Glenda Bowies 12/4 Clifton.. it is one of the few 12/4s in South Africa



The above series of photos Austin 12/4 1925 owned by Jaime Taylor, Napier This car arrived in NZ as a running chassis and built by Stevens & Sons Christchurch The car has Rudge Whitworth Wheels
David Harrington from Australia sent in this photo of his 1926 12/4, he says that the car was purchased by his inlaws in 1948 but in 1958 when his father- in-law went to buy another car nobody want to trade it, so it was kept on the farm. In 1990 he resprayed it ,cleaned it up and joined a Car Club. In 2002 David had the oportunity to buy the car from the Estate.. He just loves it.. It has already been used for the first Grandchild's wedding Kevin from Scotland has sent this photo of his recently purchased 12/4 truck ( ute). has is currently putting the original vac tank back in. I notice that it has nice "t" ebonite handles, the same as my open road tourer. I wonder what the history is of this car?? come on Kevin, find out and let us know