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The Austin Sixteen Six Burnham

These photos have been sent to me by Micheal Tompkins, who, although living in the UK, owns this car in New Zealand chassis F154 Car number FF139-6 He wants to know what it is? Can you tell me so that I can pass the information on to him?


This lovely 1928 16/6 is owned by Wally Nye, an active member of the Australian VAR. He restored the car in 1988
This Austin16/6 was in a Tauranga museum. The museum has since closed & the whereabouts of this car now is unknown

The Duchess

The Dearlove 16/6 was sold to England. This car was as original as I have ever seen

This nice 16/6 which was owned by a chap living in Whagamata was sent to England to be sold
John MacKellaich of Inverness Scotland has sent this pic of his recently aquired 16/6.. It looks a nice example, Thanks John Still they turn up. This original 3 owner 16/6 Sept 1928 Eng 2905/L6 Ch 5TC17012/6 Is for sale in NZ (July 06). Note the early carrage handles

A nice photo of Jim Stringers 16/6

Jim is Vice president of the VAR UK and for many years the editor of their club magazine

Maurice Whitham snds this photo of his Austin 16/6 restored in 1992. Photo taken at Chelsea Sugar works.

Littlle known of the history. He purchased the car in 1990 in bits.. can anyone help on the history of his car


Jim Stringers lovely16/6

Jim says

I purchased the 'Sixteen' in 1962 for the princely sum of £35. - quite a lot of money then for a young lad on apprentice wages, But I have enjoyed owning and driving it for the past 47 years. If you are an ardent 'Poirot' fan, you may well have seen RX 4740. in several episodes, the best being 'Hercule Poirot's Christmas'.


















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