1913 Veteran
a picture of the Ranelagh Roadster in its latter stages of restoration

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Photos of the various veteran models will be put up here as they come to hand


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Veteran Austins


There are very few Veteran Austins left in New Zealand several have, over recent years, been sold overseas and there are a few under restoration although the owners of those under restoration are have a great deal of trouble finding the missing bits The earliest car is 1910, it belongs to the Lemon Family Trust. The Lemon family did have the remains of a second 1910 18/24 car which consisted of a chassis and bits. Much of the major parts were missing including the diff head This car has, after many years of struggling, been restored as a 1910 Ranelagh Roadster Production figures show that only 1575 of the model were produced and that this car was built in the last year of production

It is a real credit to the owner who is obviously a very talented craftsman The photos shown here were taken February 2006 during the 100 year run which covered the full length of New Zealand.





















 You buy a car, but you invest in an AUSTIN...You buy a car but you invest in an AUSTIN... You buy a car but you invest in an AUSTIN